From general cleaning to 24 hour live-in, PacifiCare can help you or a loved one in a variety of ways. Take a look at our services below: (click to view details)

» General Cleaning
PacifiCare provides a number of cleaning services to clients who require assistance with basic household chores, such as: Vacuuming, Mopping, Bathrooms, Tiles, Mirrors, Kitchen Surfaces, Fridge, Stove, Inside Windows, Taking Out Garbage.
» Laundry
PacifiCare can help with: Bed Linen Change, Bed Making, Ironing, General Laundry
» Meal Preparations
Nutritional meals prepared in your own home: Ethnic Specialties, Special Diet Requirements, Advanced Meal Preparation, Assist in Normal Feeding Process.
» Exercise Programs
PacifiCare can assist with a Range of Motion exercise program set up by a professional, along with: Assist with walking, with or without mechanical aids (crutches, walker, or cane).
» Bathing/Grooming
PacifiCare provides a number of services which are adapted to each person's needs: Hair Washing, Shaving, Dressing, Oral Hygiene, Bathing (Bed bath, tub bath, sponge bath, healthy skin maintenance), Assisting in transfer (bed to chair, chair to toilet or commode, bathtub to chair including proper use of wheelchair and safe use of equipment).

PacifiCare also gives specific training and instruction to staff for the following: Bowel Care, Care of Catheter drainage bag, Condom Application, Application of support garments.
» Respite Care (Day or Night)
Our staff are available day and night allowing caregivers a break for a few hours, a day, overnight or even the weekend.
» 24 Hour Live In
Our caring staff can live in and complete all the household tasks, enabling you to stay in your own home.
» Special Outings and Appointments
Any appointments or outings that you have, PacifiCare staff will be glad to accompany you - even if it's just to a movie!
» Companionship
Whether you're in your own home or a care facility, our staff can provide one-to-one social interaction and companionship for those clients who would like a little more stimulation.

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